Jigme Gyalwe Nyuku (1765-1843)

Jigme Gyalwe Nyuku, The Fearless Son of The Victorious One, was a great meditator and bodhisattva. He was one of two masters to spread the teachings of Longchen Nyingthig in Tibet.

From a young age, Jigme Gylawe Nyuku longed to practice the Dharma. He realized that he could not do so if he stayed in his native land of Kham and so ran away with a friend the Lhasa. They experienced many hardships there and along the way but eventually met the First Dodrupchen. He gave them a letter of recommedation that would allow them to receive teachings from Jigme Lingpa.

When Gylawe Nyuku first met Jigme Linpa he said that he was overwhelmed by joy and that he had entered the path of wisdom. He and his friend spent two weeks receiving teachings, empowerments and detailed instructions on the practice of Dzogpa Chenpo from their master.

Gylawe Nyuku spent many years going on pilgrimages and doing retreats all around Tibet. He returned to meet Jigme Lingpa and Dodrupchen many times, receiving more instruction and advice. At one point, Jigme Lingpa advised him:

...You have sufficient wisdom in learning, analyzing and meditation to be independent. There is no need to depend on monastic structures. You must try to meditate in caves or huts, where no negative circumstances will arise. If people come to you for teachings, instruct them with confidence. As your attitude is as excellent as pure gold, you will be helpful to others.

Jigme Gylawe Nyuku followed this advice and spent the later part of his life giving teachings, empowerments and transmissions of the Longchen Nyingthig teachings.